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      Esmeralda just glanced at him, and then, woman-like, transferred all her attention to the lady; and as she looked, a little thrill of admiration ran through her; that tribute to another womans beauty which a beautiful, generous woman is always ready to pay.

      Then find her!

      Father Rodwell saw that spiritual expression in the pale, wasted face, and he told himself that a lost soul could not look out of eyes like those. If death were near, as he feared, the true repentance for which he had prayed many an earnest prayer was not far off.


      Oh, she was safe enough. Varley brought her down to the camp, and they gave her a reception that took the cake! Whats happened to her now, I dont rightly know.


      You appear to be laboring under a strange delusion, your grace, he said, with sardonic courtesy. You appear, also, to forget that, though Esmeralda is, or was, your wife, she was, and still is, my ward, and that I have the right to repel any false accusation you make against her.He stood looking at her, yet scarcely seeing her. He did not know how to break the otherand far worsenews to her.


      The duke looked at her with curiosity veiled behind his kind and courtly smile; then he extended his long, white hand, and held hers, as he said in his low, slow voice, which had a ring of Traffords in it: