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      "You wudn't daur do that if I hadn't been saved!" he shouted.

      "Ah, that's it. Your reason mightn't be my reason."

      Both unconsciously dreaded the time when they should demand more of each otherwhen the occasional enlacing of their hands would no longer be enough to open Paradise, when from sweet looking and longing they would have to pass into the bitterness of action. Tilly, though essentially practical and determined, was enjoying her first visit to faery, and also inherited her mother's gift of languor. She basked in those hours of sun and bees. She, like her father, was passing for the first time into a life outside the dominion of the farmbut,[Pg 220] whereas he fought it, and sought it only to fight it, she submitted to it as to a caress.

      § 6.


      "What!" exclaimed the monk"the smith was indeed told that treachery had betrayed him into the baron's power; but is he chained to the spotthat for three long years he should bear the oppressor's rod?""I'm not a fool."